The need to react fast to market needs, expectations of investors and specific nature of construction works leads to a constantly growing interest in the rental of construction machines. Thanks to a wide diversification of our assortment in terms of machine types, age and manufacturers, everybody will find a product matching their requirements and expectations, regardless of the planned budget.
Rental of each machine is governed by an agreement defining its duration, cost and terms of delivery, maintenance (including possible repairs and their settlement methods), as well as collection of the machine. An integral part of the agreement is a promissory note declaration covering the value of the rented machine, as well as an “in blanco” promissory note signed along with the agreement.
The following documents are required to verify the company and prepare the agreement:

  • order indicating the machine type, term of rental and contact data,
  • registration documents of the Lessee (copies of: REGON; NIP; KRS),
  • ID card of the Lessee (copy),
  • Third party liability insurance.

We would like to invite to active rental which gives you a chance to test and check the machine before deciding to buy it.


Specialist for rental, sale, and exchange of machinery

Mariusz Paluszewski


Specialist for rental, sale, and exchange of machinery

Nikodem Tomecki